Sunday, 18 July 2010

Not exactly Jurassic Park

While the teens were gone to summer camp I was left with a large group of kids that needed something to do in the worse kind of way. And I was bored.
So we made the trip to Dinosaur Land. This hokey little place is basically in some one's backyard. It's been around forever - a half acre of giant dinosaurs with chipped paint and missing pieces. And the kids LOVE it. All kids. I worry that this time we go - someone will be too old and realize how goofy this place is - but no - it's every one's favorite. The little kids ask me over and over - "Are they real?" I always tell them, "All the dinosaurs are dead now" which allows them to believe one more year that these are dead dinosaurs - right here in some one's backyard.
Truth is - I love Dinosaur Land. And the gift shop is unbelievable.


Shelby said...

Love the pictures, looks like they had alot of fun:)

jen said...

We have a lot of hokey stuff here and we love it. When the kids are grown they still love it because they remember going as a child.