Monday, 26 July 2010

Internet Death - okay, I'm Exaggerating a Little

Yesterday a good old summer storm slammed through our area with winds of over 70 miles per hour. It was quite spectacular to watch from the back porch windows. Most of the trees bent to God's awesome power and sprang back, but a few - a couple of pines who seem rather stiff necked and one Bradford Pear tree in particular decided to stand up against the wind. And we all know what happens when we refuse to bend.

The Bradford Pear did not go down gracefully and grabbed hold of the power lines that stretched between the road and our house as it toppled. The phone lines snapped at the pole and in an instant took out our land line, Internet and cell phones that use the Internet to amp up our signal.
The electric line stayed connected although it is laying across our driveway, and we still have electricity. I expressed my concern to the electric company and they basically said to get in line. I tried to scare them into hurrying by saying - "I sure hope none of my 9 kids ride over the line and DIE!!" Maybe they think with that many kids I shouldn't worry about losing one or two because they never showed up to fix it. They did send someone out to drape red caution tape over the wire as it hangs low enough to snag a UPS truck.
The kids are not too upset about this destruction as they still can swim.
I, on the other hand, am about to go crazy isolated from the world.
Will someone please hook us back up!!

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