Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Under the Pillow

Ezra lost a tooth yesterday which in itself is not terribly remarkable for a 7 year old. What is remarkable is that I got to be his mom when it happened.

We have adopted alot of kids that are long past tooth loosening age. I didn't get to rock most of my kids to sleep or clap for their first step. When they said "momma" for the first time they weren't looking into my eyes. I didn't change their diapers and haven't even seen their butts. So when one of my kids starts Kindergarten or learns to ride a bike or looses a tooth - I get excited!

Ezra of course, was beyond excited and spent the evening showing everyone the tooth, planning how it would be under his pillow, asking me for the 100th time if I was really the toothfairy and running his tongue into the new space in his mouth.

I'm a lucky mom.

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Vickie said...

Too cute! Look at that smile.

My newly turned 7 year old lost her first tooth the first part of June. When her tooth came out, she saw blood, and the first words out of her mouth "is that blood? I need pizza." LOL Most females in crisis need chocolate, she wants pizza.

Here's to many more loosening and losing of teeth :D