Monday, 2 August 2010

From the Inside Out

When kids come to our house, they often come with i pods - fully loaded. I never say much at first but I know that what is sliding out of the ear-buds into their ears are often words that are about a life that we don't live here.
They don't think anything about it.
It's what they listen to and I don't say anything about it.
I just wait.
Over time they see a family that loves. Not love like they're listening to - but love that is clean and right. They hear words that heal and not tear down. And they meet a Savior who draws them to worship.
And soon they come to me and ask me to take off certain songs from their i pod because they don't sound good to them anymore. And then they ask, "Who sings that song that goes..."Oh how He loves me"?
And I don't say anything, but little by little I see their i pod lists changing along with their hearts.

Emma has a completely remodeled i pod and spends many days producing plays with her little brothers and has actually gotten them to perform praise dance with her - which is remarkable in itself.
When I sit and watch this group of kids sing to Jesus I am amazed at His power to gently make new creations of us.


Great-Granny Grandma said...

That is such an awesome testimony.

Anonymous said...

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