Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Summer Ceases and I'm Okay With It

Ahhh, my favorite time of the year - the beginning of school.  It feels like the beginning of everything.

Earlier in the summer the kids begged to go swimming and I reluctantly gave up hours to sit and watch them jump and splash and call my name every 3 and 1/2 seconds.

By the end of August when they're thrashing around with apathy or agony of boredom  and I suggest a swim they act like I'm sentencing them to a death march.  By this point in the summer they have exhausted every argument they could possibly have with every combination of siblings in the house and therefore have nothing left to do or say.


But there's a bright spot.  School starts!  
Life will have structure and purpose. And the heat that wears me down like a steam roller will be swept away with the beautiful September clouds.

Monday morning was like an awakening here.  The children all got up early and I know for a fact that they all brushed their teeth, which I could not certify happened each day in the summer.  There were places to be and things to do and I liked it.

Our three littles went out the door to public school and the older six were at our homeschool table ready to start when I got home from my walk.  

I know I'll be sick of all this come about February, but then Spring will be right around the corner and summer won't be far behind.

So Happy New Year!  I'm throwing pencils into the air.


Anonymous said...

What? Your favorite time of the year?
Here is a quote from your not so distant blogging past:

"There's not much that isn't perfect about summer. "

I would embrace fall a lot or even a little more if it wasn't such a pumpkin colored neon arrow pointing to the w word.

It is funny how in May, my kids will swim when the water is still in the 60s, but by August they are appalled that I would even suggest them swimming in anything less than an 82 degree pool. Same thing every year. So, like it or not, I guess it is time for a change.

deana said...

such happy faces for school.....we had a few tears our first day...mainly due to the 3rd grader saying "but I don't want to do this mom!!(insert whiney voice)" and 1st grader after 5 math problems proclaiming he was more tired than he has ever been and decided to stop...LOL!!! never a dull moment at our house!!

Anonymous said...

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