Sunday, 26 September 2010

We Didn't Have Enough Kids Apparently So......

  Here is Corinne, our wonderfully sweet, smart Chinese exchange student. (although I did not exchange any of mine to China)  She joined our family for the school year through an automated phone call extolling the joys of hosting a young person from another country,to which I responded by pushing the number "1" if I was interested and a few weeks later we were at the airport welcoming her to America!   (I often do things on a whim, but this was a big chance even for me.)

  A few days after her arrival there was no doubt in anyone's mind that she was supposed to be here.  She said she "loved it here" and we love her.  My middles introduced her to Jesus  at  lunch her second day  on the front porch over a ham sandwich.

  Corinne wants to experience all things American.  A friend said they hoped I told her that we weren't a normal American family, referring to our 18 kids and the fact that we homeschool,  live out in the country and none of our kids have cell phones.  I think it's a good thing for a smart young Chinese girl to go back to her country and share this experience with her friends. Maybe she can be a seed to change the One Child Policy that her country enforces or to insure them that all America isn't about guns and drugs (which she believed)

 And in the meantime, she is having a wonderful time catching crayfish in the river.

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Shelby said...

Girl I have been wondering where you are. Now I know... busy momma. You crack me up. Guess what Sabrina's parents signed off. Yippie Thank you Jesus, I am thrilled after almost 3 years. Love your blog and your heart:)