Sunday, 26 September 2010

Stink Bug Solution

Stink bugs are a plague around here at the Moses and the "let my people go" level.  They have come from somewhere in Asia and have decided that North America is a nice place to vacation and....what the heck, let's just stay here.  

These strange prehistoric looking bugs are EVERYWHERE!  They can do the limbo and squeeze through the smallest crevice to enter the house where they hang out on the ceiling and walls and now and then decide to swoop around the room  often landing on body parts much to every one's dismay.

They are disgusting and everyone is searching for a way to get rid of them.  There have been rumors of certain pesticides that are having some success, but they carry the risk of producing grandchildren that may top out their career as a Wal-Mart greeter.

Stink Bug Hunters
But yesterday James came up with the perfect solution - a Stink Bug Contest.  He presented all of the children with a coffee can with their name on it.  He told the kids that he was giving a prize of $15 to the child that collected the most stink bugs in or on the house by next Saturday.

Within 15 minutes their was not a Stink Bug in sight.  It's big excitement around here and everyone has their eye on the prize.  It is a little gross when the kids shake their cans and the dead bodies thunk around inside and you don't put your nose anywhere near the cans as the bugs are aptly named.

So if you'd like to have a Stink Bug free home here's the formula.

a. adopt 10 kids
b. give them all cans and offer a money prize



Anonymous said...

The picture with the caption is great.
I tried something similar with Ricky years ago with Japanese Beetles. But it involve a per bug fee. I like the contest aspect and the lump sum payout.

Fifi said...

HAHA...... a reward always gets feet and hands into action! Love it!