Tuesday, 27 May 2008


We finished up our science class this year with a unit on survival skills and we decided to put our knowledge to the test with a Survival Hike Out. We did bring tents and toilet paper, but other than that, we roughed it. Okay, I had my cell phone too.

We hiked about 3 miles along the Appalachian Trail and camped between the C& O Canal and the Potomac River.

The girls learned to pee in the woods without wetting their underwear; we all learned to build a fire and cook over it; everyone devoured smores and told really horrible campfire stories, and I remembered what great kids I get to teach every week.

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Perri said...

That whole "peeing w/o wetting your underwear" - now THAT is an important life skill.

Kathie said...

Ah, it looks like it was fun! Kaitlyn still doesn't think so though. She enjoyed the toilet last night.

Emily said...

Learning to pee in the woods is a total skill that I have taught all of my girls as well. Good job. They're now able to progress to the next level of skills.

JustJuggling said...

How fun! What is the secret to not getting your uw wet? I guess I must not camp enough, there must be a learning curve :)