Friday, 30 May 2008

Peer Withdrawl

One of our children displayed a need for parental involvement in their personal growth and so pleasures were withheld until that necessary growth was observed in them.

Or as David would say, "They took my cell phone away."

David also has finished up his last few days of high school. What that means to him is no contact with the living world as he knows it. His fingers are lying limp in his hand, unable to text anyone. There are no teachers to ignore while he laughs with his friends.
He's wandering around the house like a caged animal. He really doesn't know what to do with himself being cut off from his friends.

When he was younger he was homeschooled. He spent hours inventing things and enjoying being home. I put him back in school in his early teens and he wasn't happy about it at all, but he got used to it. Watching him now, strengthens my resolve to keep the younger kids at home for the rest of their schooling years.

Yesterday, he
took the ceiling out of his Jeep because the material was sagging in one spot and completely tore it out, went to Wal-Mart, bought new material and glued it back up. That's bored with a capital B, but he's busy again.

David will be going to boot-camp in a few months, which is probably a good thing. He's rocking the nest.


Perri said...

I love that first sentence. I'm gonna be using that.

You should write grants for a living. You have quite a way to twist a phrase ;)

jen said...

I have a question... If you put some kids in middle school and they wanted to be homeschooled but they are special ed and you are fairly certain learning will be difficult and the environment will change in the homeschool would you remove them anyway and bring them home?

BTW - I think it is great that he is going to boot camp. I am assuming you are talking about the military.


jewlsntexas said...

I love David!
I got his graduation picture in the mail a couple of days ago and nearly cried. He is still so beautiful.
I love his playful, restless spirit.
He is still in the Acly top 20 in my book! hee hee

Emily said...

oooh. Blog your answer to Jen so we all can be nosy and know what you wrote her. :)

and a restless young man can be a powerful man for God. Who knows what he can accomplish in the military.