Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Headed Home

We said good-bye to our daughter and family last week as they headed back to Africa. They will be staying in the country of Cameroon until they can safely re-enter Chad. I didn't cry when they left......I was glad they were moving closer to where they want to be.
I do miss the daily walks and talks and the kids overflowing their house into the yard and street and my house.
No one has run over a bike since they've left or interrupted our schooling or left the front door open.
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jewlsntexas said...

Nobody takes a better family picture than the McKenzies - nobody.
They are all too darn beautiful - an you get them all together - wow.

Emily said...

Lucky kids to have parents like that.

jen said...

Wow, you must be proud. I know it hurts to see them leave too but if you are like me you are happy if they are happy. What could make them more happy than following where God leads? What a beautiful family.


Randi said...

What a precious mother you are to your daughter. My hope is that I can show as much strength when my kids feel the need to fly away. How wonderful to know that she is doing God's work!

deana said...

I know it was hard. It was hard for my parents when we came back after furlough. I think God will give a special crown or blessing to parents of missionaries!