Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Buzz on the Bees

Our science class has been rather buggy lately. We're studying insects, which has been fun for most of us, although one of the girls in the class when listing 3 insect characteristics, put down-
1. ugly
2. creepy
3. sneaky
I was actually looking for stuff like...invertebrate, 6 legs, etc.
Yesterday we had a day in the bee yard with James and the kids were able to observe the bees up close without being stung. James erected a screen tent next to the hives and with his assistant Elijah (perfe
ct grandson), showed the kids how bees live.

It was exciting and scary....what kid doesn't love tha


jen said...

1. ugly
2. creepy
3. sneaky... that is too funny!

Do you have bees in your yard or did you go somewhere?


Big Red Driver said...

We have 6 hives in our yard next to our wanna be fruit tree orchard.

Perri said...

I would be the one in the tent - brave grandson you got!

jewlsntexas said...

That is so awesome!
We heard the other day that the overall bee population is dying out.
If you have seen the Bee Movie - you know what bad news that could be.
I hadn't heard that but evidently a lady I know had to pollenate some of her garden by hand last year.

Emily said...

First of all.....do you sell the honey at farmers market and such? Or is there only enough for friends and family. What a nice side business your teenagers could have doing that!
(I'm always looking for jobs for the kids like that.)

and bees are pretty cool.
WAY cool to put the screen room up and let the kids get close without any danger.

Anonymous said...

Very fun and the tent is a great idea.