Saturday, 10 May 2008

Puppy Pals

Witt had a new friend over yesterday, Benji Blieu. Benji was adorable and very tolerant of Witt, who insisted on jumping all over him, trying to start a puppy rumble. They shared a meal of Iams puppy food while Joanne and I talked. Much to Joanne's dismay, Benji left his business card on the side of the couch, in case Witt wanted a reminder of his visit.
Benji is a great dog and he's landed himself the perfect owners!


jblieu said...

I left a comment and apology for the couch incident on your post about Anita's pup - but can I really apologize enough?
So I guess I am off to look for IAMS today - but I will bet it doesn't taste as good when it is not another dogs!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

What a grand doggie! I'll have to have a serious talk with him when he comes to visit.

Jenni said...

Could be worse, you could have a man leave his calling card on your couch like a fellow blogger did!