Friday, 26 October 2007

Wait, Let Me Get My Apron On!

It's back to the grocery store again today because it's time to think about dinner and I haven't bought anything to make it with. How can that be possible when I, or someone from this family has walked through the Wal-Mart doors at least once, often more, each day this week? It's not because I'm saving so much money each time I go. I've had carts loaded down with all the stuff that a large family needs but I somehow missed the meals. There was a ton of toiletry and paper goods and many many boxes of cereal and cat food and lunch snacks and laundry detergent and a crib sheet and a new moisturiser, but nothing that you could dump together in a pan and call everyone to sit down and eat. I didn't make a menu for the week. I hate making menus because I can't think of anything new to make and if I did, well I really wouldn't want to cook it anyway which is probably the real reason there are no dinner ingredients at all. I've looked at the Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine and everything looks so yummy. I read the recipes and dream about someone coming over and cooking it all for me.
Looks like another pot-luck night!


nsremom said...

Sounds like a time to say "Hey teen girls....get to it!" Just'll be helping them for the future, but making it easy on you in the here and now.

Anonymous said...

Same problem here! A Walmart trip and $200 dollars later and its still, should we go pick up a pizza tonight?

jewlsntexas said...

You need a Kevin.
Do any of the kids at home now like to cook like he did?