Sunday, 28 October 2007

Birthdays and Anniversarys

Yesterday was a day of celebration.

Our granddaughter Aysha turned one and our marriage turned 34.
Aysha is a delight and we all adore her. She's smart and wonderful and full of life.

Our marriage has always been the best thing about me.

Watching the family yesterday, all together, laughing and loving each other, I realized that God had taken two ordinary people, and brought them together to do a job.
I could tell you how kind James is (and he really is) and how well we get along (we do!!) but the best part of "us" is the work He chose us to do. Every grandchild gives me a glimpse into God's plan for our families to pass the "Good News" of a Savior to each generation.
Happy Birthday Aysha! I love you James forever.
Click here to see the rest of Aysha's birthday pictures.


smallgreenriver said...

I Love You Too!

Fifi said...

Congrats..... 34 years is remarkable! And what is even more remarkable is the love and joy you have given to the many kids that call you Mom and Dad! Well Done! You and Hubby are truely an inspiration to me.

Hubby and I have spoken once about adopting. He's nervous.....but I know it's in God's hands.

Emily said...

34 years is amazing.

and you made me tear up a bit. What kind words you have for aren't half bad yourself ya know!

jewlsntexas said...

Oh my gosh - I can't believe she is a year old! I looked at all your pictures - so precious.
Also - Happy Anniversary! Your marriage has also been a picture to the rest of us of something to aim for.

Mammy said...

Congratulations & happy happy to that sweet baby:) On October 27th, fourteen years ago, at 12:48am, I delivered my first child. So your grandbaby and my son are birthday twins. How very cool. :)

Kathie said...

Happy anniversary! That is very inspirational in this day and age.

I looked through the pictures of Aysha. She is a beautiful girl! I can not believe it has been a year!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Happy anniversary to a very special couple!