Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rose among Thorns

Emma being our very last daughter at home makes her stand out in the crowd of maleness here.  Although much lovelier than the boys she is not at all the neatest. Her room often resembles the remains of a plane crash with luggage and belongings scattered about.  She is hands down the "kid in charge" of fun, plans and moods.
She is presently working for the FDA at a fruit research lab and she LOVES it!  She came home yesterday talking excitedly about the genetics involved with peach trees and best of all - her own lab book. I was so so impressed!
As proud of her as I am, my best moment yesterday was when we discovered we had accidentally had a "twin day", and not only was she not disturbed by that fact, but loved it and wanted our picture taken.
With 17 year old girls you savor the little things too.

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