Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Head's in the Game time.  
Sitting out in the crispy spring air; water bottles and chairs loaded into the back of the van.  
Little boys with muddy cleats that drop dirt all over the car, shin guards and jerseys tucked into shorts that come too far above the knees.  
Practice time for them, is peace and solitude for me.  
Reading a book or daydreaming about nothing at all, watching the sun set and dusk creeping over the field. 
And the games! 
Cheering, clapping, yelling and talking with friends who I never get to be with for an hour at a time. Or putting on sunglasses and taking a tiny little nap when your kid isn't on the field and nobody knows because you tilt your head toward the noise.
I'm a soccer mom. I pack snacks and wash uniforms and love every minute of it.

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