Friday, 10 April 2015

Perfect Blend

  Last week we made a trip to Florida to visit my daughter Kirsten and her family. Swimming in the ocean in April was amazing -  walking around in shorts with very white legs was awesome - lounging pool side while the kids splashed around was great - but I realized later when looking over the pictures that the most incredible thing was our group of kids. 
Pictured above are five of my children and five of my grandchildren. 
Can't tell which is which? 
That's because when God sent along this last family to us, He decided to trick it up a little.  My kids are a perfect match with my daughter's kids...same ages and best friends..... two with the exact same first and middle name and two born on the exact same day and year. 
Is it harder to parent in your 30's or 60's? Kirsten has her youth and I have experience.  All I know is that we were both tired at the end of each day and that we loved it!

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Perri said...

God is so cool! Beautiful family!!