Sunday, 26 April 2015

Mom's Day Off

  Our family has Uncle Kevin.  He came to us in an unusual way and we're all so happy he did. He is crazy fun with an emphasis on crazy.
A few weeks ago the littles got a letter in the mail from him. In it he challenged them to make a complete meal for me.  They had to think up the three course menu, get the ingredients and cook it.  Without my help. YES!  

The boys would have been happy just to do it, but Uncle Kevin sweetened the pot with $150 award upon completion. 

They got to work and came up with Roast Chicken, Spicy Baked Sweet Potatoes and Grilled Corn on the Cob with a lime-honey butter.  

Cooking day was busy and with a little advise from their three year old niece Leah, they presented me with a delicious meal!

Thanks Uncle Kevin...the boys are happy and so am I!!