Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Long Haul

  Homeschooling has been a checkered career around here.  My two homemade daughters, Kirsten and Kara,  attended public school -Kindergarden through High School.  Another child was asked to leave public school (don't ask) and thus began our adventure into homeschooling. Some of the kids have been been half home educated and half through the schools.  One year in October I woke up and decided that four of the kids would enroll back in school that day.  
But AnnaClaire and Grace are our first two homeschool graduates.  We hung in there together and made it through.  Never once did public school look appealing (you know on those days when everyone hates math) or was considered for a moment as an option.  The girls and I have read through World History, Eastern Hemisphere Countries and American History (thank you Sonlight!) and we talk about our favorite missionary stories and real life heros and heroines and never have I learned so much or loved so much.  I know what my girls think and they know what I value and it has been good.  I'm excited to launch these two wonderful girls into adulthood!


Perri said...

Congratulations! Some days I think I'm never gonna make it and other days, it's like it's going too fast.

Fifi said...

hi Kate... that is awesome!

Luke said...



jblieu said...

Launches are exciting and full of promise. Can't wait to see what they do next.