Monday, 23 May 2011

Number 3 with a Cap and Gown

  And on Sunday our 3rd daughter graduated from High School.  Molly lives in another part of the state and we traveled a few hours yesterday to celebrate her accomplishment.  She hasn't lived with us for many years and her path both to our house and through and out of our home has been difficult for her.  Although she hasn't lived with us, we have been behind her every step through her journey into adulthood.  Life will not be easy for her and she often chooses paths that make it even more difficult, but yesterday was a testament to her tenacity.  Despite moving more times then I can count, often in the middle of a school year, she did the work and accomplished this milestone.  You're awesome Molly and we love you!

(Stay tuned when next week our oldest grandson graduates as well.)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Molly!