Thursday, 11 February 2010


This school year I am homeschooling 3 of the girls but the boys are all in public school, because West Virginia has enacted a policy that does not allow foster parents to homeschool any foster kids. And that's a shame, because many of the kids would do so much better if they could have the one on one that you can give at home.

So we have nice quiet days at home as soon as the bus rolls away with the very loud, very active boys.

Because of the more than 3 feet of snow outside, there has been no public school since last Thursday. The days are no longer quiet and frankly I started to get tired of the lack of routine. All of this drove me to try something extremely frighting....homeschooling all 8 of the kids together!! Yesterday was trial day #1 and everyone loved it. Even me! Day was day #2 and it was still fun. We did everything with a Valentine's Day theme and I adjusted the work for the different ages.

Now I'm not naive enough to believe that it would always run as smoothly as it has, but it has made me consider trying it next year. Someone needs to come over here and talk some sense into me!!

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Fifi said...

Okay.... so I've walked all the way from Africa and I proclaim ..... "YOU CAN DO IT!" You amaze and inspire me constantly!