Saturday, 13 February 2010

And counting.........

There's always a count down running at our house.

You can find them recorded on our classroom white erase board or chalkboard -sometimes written on scraps of paper laying around the kitchen and often announced by someone at dinner. They vary with the time of year and the longing in someone's heart.

The two main countdowns that I hear about lately are-

104 days till the beach -This countdown although exciting always makes me want to exercise and shave my hairy winter legs!


26 days till the adoption - Count down number 2 is for Emma (11), Ezra (7) and Samuel (5). This incredibly wonderful sibling group came to us in May of last year as a temporary foster care case. Within a few days of arriving Emma asked me to pray with her each night that Jesus would let her stay here forever and happily, next month will be their adoption day!

1 Million days till the snow melts - And this is my personal count down.


Perri said...

Amazing how those temporary foster situations become permanent places in our hearts. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to the running down the sand beach pictures :)

PS - How is Grace? Update please.

Duckygirl said...

Yay! Those are great countdowns (including the snow one, that one I'm counting down at my house too!)


Perri said...

Now that you get to adopt the boys as well, what will be the official count of kids that are legally yours?

Deana in Taiwan said...

I have been so busy and haven't stopped to say hello or read...I somehow missed the adoption...oh...tears of joy for you and those wonderful blessed children.....I am so happy for you all....hopefully we can meet you in 2011 during next furlough!!