Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Better Than I Should Be

You would think that I would have lost my mind by now. You would think that I'd be climbing the walls - that cabin fever would have surely set in. We've had 3 feet of snow come down in the last week and it's started again today with another 20 inches predicted.

But here I am - calm, content and enjoying every minute of being stuck in the house with 8 kids.

I haven't accomplished much of anything. I have spent the better part of each day happily doing nothing. Oh I'm doing stuff - just not anything that needs to be done. I've changed all the music on my Ipod and browsed for hours in the Itune store. I've played with my pictures on the computer and have read about a million blogs and spent hours watching what you're saying on Facebook.

The kids have been in and out of the house at least 43 times each day and I've happily dried their snowsuits and gloves and by the way, how exactly do boys manage to destroy the lining in their boots?

I don't know what's wrong with me. I wouldn't care if this went on for another couple of weeks.

It's like I'm on snow crack.

Well....off to do nothing!

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