Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Go Outside and Learn Something

Homeschool Learning with a snow man:

Bible - Thanked God for the snow and no school.

Math - Estimated the circumference of 3 circles and placed in order of largest to smallest.

Science - Learned about the 3 physical states of water and how quickly the sun melts the snow mans head. Also experimented with properties of gravity while rolling snow balls down hill.

Social Studies - Developed social skills necessary to work together on a group project. Discovered that girls are inherently better at being the boss.

History - Remembered the last snow man they made and did a better job this time.

Music - Listened to me sing "Frosty the Snow Man" off key and didn't complain.

Nature's Perfect Lesson Plans!!

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jen said...

Love it! Delight directed unschooling.