Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Mad Dash

Our homeschool group roller skates twice a month this year and I love it. This week while public school was out due to snow I took all my boys with us. None of them had skated very much but that didn't stop them from enjoying it.

This was Jeremiah's second time on a rink and I noticed that he skated exactly like he lives life. Before he had a chance to figure out the way to best maneuver - he just took off. He skated at high speed for about 6 seconds before crashing to the floor. He repeated this over and over for 2 hours. He didn't interact with many people and he never really got any better at skating. Just a mad dash and fall and again and again. As difficult as this was on his body, living life this way is even more painful for him. He seems to have no ability to stop, take a cue, learn a lesson, and enjoy the people around him. Life is going to serve him up some bruises!

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