Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Kicking and Screaming

Unlike my very smart 2 year old grand daughter who engages in peaceful protests when she's not happy, my 6 year old son throws full out uninhibited foot stamping fits.
I think tonight it was over the Sunday School paper found in the back of the van. He refused to believe it wasn't his despite the fact that his brother's name was on it...written in cursive no less. This hotly desired paper had sat completely forgotten in the van since Sunday but he couldn't back off.
He spiraled so far down there was nothing to do but to make him stay home from Awanas. I really hate to take church away, especially since I drop ALL MY KIDS OFF and have exactly two hours alone.
So we spent my two hours together.
Good thing I love him.


Karasmith said...

At least his sunday school paper didn't fly out of the window...that would have been traumatic!

Emily said...

Whose punishment? Yours or his?