Friday, 17 April 2009

Blog Vanity

My blog background is noticibly plain now. It's a sad story and a warning.

I was tired of my old blog background and while we were on spring break I had some extra time to search online for a new one. I found one I really liked and started the download. As I sat watching the screen something weird and wrong happened. A page came up that said SEX MUSUEM and I couldn't click it away. There was no "Xing" it out and control alt delete did nothing. Two of the girls walked by and were alarmed at the screen. I was stuck! I finally had to turn the computer off to get rid of it. And that's when it happened. I had invited a BIG BAD VIRUS in...the kind that wrecks everything. Out antivirus software cleaned it but the damage was done. Tomorrow we have to move everything that we want to keep to an external hard drive and then wipe the computer clean. This is all giving me heart attacks. All my music on Itunes and my pictures and files and every science lesson I've written for the last 5 years.

And of course James is so pleased I've dumped on him the mechanics of all this mess.

My blog may be plain green for a long time.


Emily said...

Was it a popular site? If so, please warn us with the exact site so we won't do that!!!! yikes. Major warning for me, as I play around with my blog all the time.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Oh my. I do relate. My computer recently contracted a Trojan that took forever to fix, but fortunately didn't do any damage. However it was a warning that I'd better stop procrastinating about organizing all my picture files and then backing them up.

By the way, Emily is right. Please do tell us which site you were using so we can stay away from it.

P.S. I rather like your plain geren blog and the In A Shoe picture.

Fifi said...

Oh no that's just awful !!!
Yes PLEASE tell us which one it was .... I'm also a great tweeker of my blog!

Anonymous said...

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