Monday, 27 April 2009

The Small Picture

I teach my kids science...I know the problems with global warming. The temperature rising in the polar oceans is causing ice to melt and flooding can occur along coastlines throughout the world. The warmer climate is wrecking havoc with animal habitats and behavior. It's all terrible.

But in my little "Kate world" it's hard to not love global warming. I understand that I have a microscopic self interest, but when it's 95 degrees in April and after the soccer game everyone comes back to the house and we lay around the pool and the kids are swimming, I have difficulty worrying about global devastation. Swimming in April is fantastic!! I'm already working on my tan.
It's true that we should care for the environment and I'll be very sad if the house that we rent every year at Nags Head is gone because Nags Head is no longer a peninsula in North Carolina, but merely part of the ocean floor. But for now, my biggest pain with global warming is getting the kids to hang up their wet suits and towels and not throw them on their floor.
I'm shallow.


Anonymous said...

I'm shallow with you.

Fifi said...

Yebo ...... then I'm terribly shallow too!!!

Yebo= yes in Zulu

Halfmoon Girl said...

I'd feel the same way. Sometimes I live for whatever makes my life easier- even if it is global warming!