Monday, 30 March 2009

We Know the Drill

Grace woke up this morning with tell-tale signs of peritonitis....which means we're back in Children's Hospital for a few days.
The doctors are running antibiotics, Grace is running Disney Channel and I'm hacked into the phone line for internet.
We'll survive, but by tomorrow around noon - I'll be beyond bored. So comment.


justjuls said...

Hey Kate!
I'm so sorry you're bored. Does Grace just roll with it or does she get bored too?
What are the tell-tale signs of peritonitis?
Do you know my cousin Phyllis Pretre/Burke? She is on dialysis - several days a week. I was telling her about Grace and how she should see if she can do it overnight, etc. but she said the port would freak her out.
I'm just curious about it.
I hope I get to see you soon - I'm thisclose now and still we mainly have only our online connections!
Love ya!

Perri said...

You know when I read your FB status about watching Grace watch TV, my first thought was that the only way that would happen would be if she were in the hospital.

Praying you're home soon. Wanna play word twist on FB?

Luke said...

Stopping by to comment. If you're still bored, there are some things that I think are interesting in my Other Posts of Note.

Hope that helps keep things interesting!


jen said...

I am hoping by now she is home but if not big hugs to you both!!

Emily said...

Thank goodness for a photogenic kid and a nice nurse who isn't shy!

Okay. Kate is bored...ummmm...
I'll try and think of some jokes to pass your time. i'll be back if I can think of some.

Karen W said...

Sorry that Grace is back in the hospital. How long will she be there? My current blog seems to have issues. I'm posting on homeschool blogger for now. Stop by when you can!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope Grace suprises everyong and you guys can be out of there long before you expected. :-)