Monday, 16 March 2009

Better Than Football

Not every kid likes team sports. Some of them actually hate it and are perfectly happy to never set foot on a field of any sort.
Our 11 year old is one of them. He prefers movie watc
hing over most things, so we decided to help him find an activity that he could do away from the cheering crowds.
Fencing was just right. He could do alot of great stuff like stabbing and lunging, all at his own pace.
There is a certain risk of death (he wishes) and the outfit is way cool.
And here's the BIG spending every Saturday sitting on a field watching him play.
On Guard!!


André Luís Leite said...

uma belo trabalho o de voces. parabens e sucesso.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Karasmith said...

very cool! I want to go to a fencing match sometime! He looks very handsome.

Samantha said...

He looks so completely and utterly happy! (And you are VERY brave!!!)

Fifi said...

Oh yes ..... it's great when they find a sport that they love doing! I was very pleased my kids didn't like cricket ...... a match can sometimes take up to 6 hours!!!! That's half your weekend gone!

His stance looks very good already!

jen said...

I loved fencing when I was in school!!