Thursday, 19 March 2009

B - 27

Our visit to the nursing home yesterday was better than we had hoped. It was BINGO day and as the residents informed us many many times..."This is the popular activity."
The tables were full and there was a lot of excitement. Okay, I was excited. The residents are a bit sedate and one lady asked me, "What are you doing?" and I had to explain that I move around a lot. I think she thought that was annoying.
One wonderful resident was the caller. She really liked being the caller and how perfected a decibel level appropriate for the hard of hearing set. Some of the residents had super sized cards for vision help. As the caller yelled out, we had to watch for those who wanted to play but needed assistance finding the spot and placing the chip on it.
It took us a while to catch on to the deal. They play for the first Bingo but don't clear their card. Then they play for second Bingo but don't touch those cards yet. They finish up with the ever popular "cover the card."
The lady that I was helping won the card cover and I was thrilled. I clapped and got all excited. They were amused by that. I'm going to work on not alarming the residents.
The prizes were a bit of a let down, although there was much buzz about who got what. They had crackers and small bags of cookies and a couple packs of tissues.
We all agreed while traveling home afterward, that it was the greatest time ever.


jen said...

I had lunch with Poppa the other day and they were the same, sedate and even one liked to complain. I am on a diet (as you know) so the food to me was heavenly. So, I am going on and on about how good the food was. It really irritated the complaining lady as I was ruining her fun... lol Overall, I enjoyed going and plan to go back.

By the way, your kids rock! I know that was random but that is the way my mind


Perri said...

When we would do the Bingo at the NH, we would first go to the Dollar Deal store and stock up on junk. The way those women acted, you would have thought they won the Lotto.

Dwayne D said...

Bingo was mom's favorite activity when she was at the home. Your post made me smile and think about her.

KarenW said...

Sounds like fun! What a blessing for both your family and the residents.

Samantha said...

You crack me up! I can invision you and all your ... movements...
I agree with "Perri" - go to the Dollar Tree and stock up on a couple cute things to add to the kitty! Before long, even the sedate ones will be acting like you!