Sunday, 25 January 2009

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

James and I had the pleasure of driving the breadth of West Virginia this weekend to visit our grown son who traded his freedom for the privilege of doing whatever he wanted. (And he looks lovely in his brown jumpsuit.)
The part of West Virginia that we live in is considered a suburb of D.C. and is VERY different than the rest of the state. We got to see the "real" West Virginia on our drive - the Appalachian part. We have the most expensive roads of all the states.....every road has to go up, down, around or through the mountains. There are very few flat spots and most of them have a Family Dollar store on them. Everybody lives in a holler. Whole towns in the hollers. River front property is home to smoke belching industries and trailer parks. It's a different world. Beautiful and mostly empty. You could sell your home and by a thousand acres and still have money left over. It's the coal mine part of West Virginia and it's poverty and I drove by staring out the window- glad it was in my rear view mirror.


Perri said...

"traded his freedom for the privilege of doing whatever he wanted"

That's a nice way of putting it. :)

jen said...

I didn't know about this one. So sorry. Now I know why you so "get me".

Our drama is starting up again by the way. It was a nice break.

Karasmith said...

you know Poppa wants to homestead out there!!