Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Eanie, Meanie, Minnie, Mo

There's a point in many of the foster care cases, where the court has to make a decision about whether the biological parents of the kids in our care are able to take them back. The parents have a set amount of time and goals that they must accomplish to insure that the kids will be safe in their care.

I wouldn't want to be the one to decide these things.

The decision can't have a bearing on whether the kids would be better off with us or with them. It can't be about the amount of money each can spend on them or who speaks with better grammar or whether their clothes will come from Wal-Mart or Old Navy or about their chances of getting to college with one family or another.

Sometimes....almost always - this is hard for me. I want so much for these kids, and grammar and opportunity and success is important to me, not to mention the fact that they may never hear God's name again unless attached to a cuss word.

But the decision isn't mine and I have to be prepared for their leaving or staying.
This one could make me cry.


jen said...

We have a court date today but it is for a sibling that is not with us. I am actually hoping in this case that mommy gets to keep trying. If they put him up for adoption we will say yes if considered. I agree with you in the part where I would not want to be the one making the decision. I have never been in your shoes but I can imagine the pain. I have a great respect for what you do. We need safe foster homes and especially Christian ones.

Fifi said...

You are often in my prayers!

Samantha said...

I feel the same way you do. This weekend will mark 1 year since our two girls went back to their mom. I can't speak their names outloud without Lacy crying. Should the time come that you shed a few tears, we'll join you.
You are all in our prayers.

Emily said...

Life is so much harder than God wanted it to be. Stupid Eve.

Karasmith said...

We are parying for those boys every night. (and you too.)

KarenW said...

My heart aches for you all. I'm praying.

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