Friday, 16 January 2009

I Can't Watch T.V.

No, I'm not setting some goal for myself. I'm not being punished.

I don't know how to turn our t.v. on.

I can do anything with the computer and digital camera and my cell phone is a touch screen....I'm not an electronic looser.... usually.

*Of course, back in the day I could turn the "on" knob and I graduated easily to push button "power on".

*I mastered the VHS recorder when it came along and could record my favorite show, "Air Wolf" with ease.

*Our first DVD player was fine for me, although I sometimes had to hook and unhook it and I had to think which of the many holes in the back it attached to but at least I didn't have to "be kind and rewind" anymore.

*We finally got cable service in the 90's and that posed no difficulty at all and I could watch "E.R."

*3 years ago James bought and installed surround sound and things started slipping for me. You had to turn the t.v. sound off with one remote and use another to turn up the surround sound.

*Just recently we got Dish tv. This requires the dish box to be on HD1 or 2 (whatever that is) and the t.v. on something else entirely and David decided we needed a Blu-Ray DVD player to maximize our watching enjoyment.

I'm lost at this point. When we watch a show in the evening, I go downstairs and sit and wait for anyone else in our family to turn things on. Sad.
Oh yea, and now I forget how to work the microwave....could someone please go make the popcorn?


Angie said...

Don't feel bad! I do OK turning the thing on and getting to where I want to go, but Heaven forbid someone push the wrong combination of buttons a switch things around on me...THEN, well, the sorting it out is left for whomever is brave enough. (Usually, that would be the Patrick-man--autism is wonderful for those kinds of endeavours, really!)

Dive in...try the ON button...a new world awaits! (And think of the joy you might bring to someone who could sort out any potential challenge you might create!?!)

Kelly said...

electronics today have changed, hey you do everything for us, so let us do a little for you. Just chill down stairs like always and we will take care of the t.v. As for the popcorn goes just ask and I'll make it

Karasmith said...

Ha! This is a problem. When will they invent a TV where you can just say "HGTV" and House Hunters Internation will pop on the screen?!?!

jen said...

Oh no! My husband does this in a big way and like you I just cannot do it. He even bought me a special "idiot" remote. lol I don't touch the tv. Now I watch anything I want on my laptop. He has surround sound and I have some awesome earphones.

hugs- jen

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