Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Potential is Important

When we get a new foster child, James and I do an assessment.

*What fears does he have?
*Can we do something that will make him feel secure at our home?
*What are the child's strengths?
*Is there a way to develop the things he is weak in?
*Does he need educational help?
*How can we help him have some successes?
*Has he heard about Jesus?

and an important extra assessment that I do.....
*will this child play board games with me?

Not many kids come out on top on my list.
They have to not only want to play games with me, they have to be good at it. I don't mind teaching board games, but there has to be some good raw material there to work with.
And there must be a competitive spirit in the child. It's no fun to beat someone who doesn't care. They should basically almost die when I slam them.

My new 9 year old is looking pretty sweet. He can do mental math like a whiz and he hates to loose at anything. I'm starting him out slow, but this kid has promise.


Halfmoon Girl said...

I love me a board game. Loved your list at the beginning too- you impress me.

Perri said...

Board games are the staple of family life. I LOVE playing games. You should check out a new one called POP 5 by Cranium. It's one of the funnest yet. BUT, it really is an adult game. Not for "adult" content, but because of the answers are from the 70s and 80s.

KarenW said...

We love board games too. There's a lot to be learned by playing games. Not just the rules but skill, patience, strategy and more. But you probably already know all of that. :) Have fun!

Emily said...

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