Thursday, 29 January 2009

Game Review

Going into our third day of no public school due to snow, we have had lots of time to play games.
My children know they can stop anything I'm doing and have my full attention if they volunteer to play a board game with me. This also works well for them if they think I'm going to make them all get to work cleaning, studying, etc.

For Christmas I bought a new game, Qwirkle. It's a cross between Scrabble and Dominoes with a little Sequence thrown in. No reading is required which makes it perfect for the families with a wide range of ages.
We all love it and I don't even always win, which makes the kids more willi
ng to play with me.


Karasmith said...

I love that game!!

Emily said...

That game is SO fun! And it's good for most ages too.

Fifi said...

I want that game!!!
Amazon doesn't deliver to South Africa anymore because to many packages were stolen ..... SO I will have to find another way of getting it! Must be a new game, as I have never seen it before!