Saturday, 2 August 2008

Little People Update

We ARE surviving the invasion of the toddler trio. (Thanks for asking Emily.) It does take all of us to pull it off. I told AnnaClaire and Grace that they have to go to the store with me when I take the" littles". That makes it one on one and it's almost doable. These 3 have been moved often and they are very dependent on each other and clingy to us. Getting them to sit and play anything for more than 5 minutes is difficult. All three are on hyper-alert to what the adults around them are doing. Kids raised in chaos have a hard time relaxing and concentrating. Our living room is decorated in Little Tyke and Playskool because they're afraid to go downstairs and play without us.

But wow...are they fun! We got to go to Toys R Us yesterday and is there anything cuter in the world than little kids wearing "swimmies" bobbing around in the pool? They smell so sweet after their baths and teaching them about Jesus and saying prayers is a heavenly privilege.
And where else but in toddler-ville do you have conversations like this -
"What honey?"
"Me-member that gum you gived me?"
"Yes" (I'm already worried at this point)
"When I got all done chewing it I put it in a paper and put it in my pocket."
"That's good sweetie."
"Yea, but when I went potty it fell out of my pocket and into my pants and now my underwear is stuck to my butt."
"Okey dokey."


girl with a flower tattoo said...

i hate it when gum falls in my underwear and they get stuck to my butt. always an unfortunate event.

Perri said...

Of all the conversations I've had with toddlers, that one has never graced my house. How funny.

Duckygirl said...

Hahaha! Oh that's great stuff :) These kids are so lucky to get to come to a home with such caring people!


Sarah said...

what lucky kids. A mom that just says Okie, Dokie when gum gets stuck to their bottom. :)

and getting to pray with a fresh little human...teaching them the deep truths of God...starting with God loves them. Man, it makes me feel like crying a little. What a privelege.

Emily said...

That was and their OWN acct...hmph. I remember when my kids couldn't even USE the computer.

KarenW said...

LOL! That is too funny. They are cute kids! May God richly bless you for giving them a home and a family.

Fifi said...

The fun has began!!! I can hear you're up for the challenge! Good on ya!hehe