Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Pool Games

Summer is fast fading (I'm crying too Joanne) and everyone is sick of the pool.
You can only play Marco Polo so many times.
A friend Helen, gave us some noodles last week that she didn't want and the kids have come up with a unique game with them.
I think it's called "Blow the Other Person Up".

Here's how you play:
1. Fill the noodle with water
2. Each person places the noodle to their mouth and blows as hard as they can.
3. Loser is the person who runs out of breath first and therefore gets their mouth and entire face blown up.
It's fun to watch.
Here's Jessie taking Grace DOWN!


jblieu said...

Still crying. Lets go out for dinner soon. That might cheer me up.
And where are Adele and Anita? The Thai restaurant in Shepherdstown is really good...

Jenni said...

My kids do the same thing!

Fifi said...

Can you blow air through a pool noodle? Never knew that! But I know my boys will love this one! Thanx!