Saturday, 9 August 2008

I'm Just Saying

There are certain natural differences in people that no environment or culture affects. One of these is whether your belly button is an "innie" or an "outie". You don't pick it, you just have one or the other. Another one of these segregations is what I call "hard head" or "soft head". This is particularly observable in girls. I have had daughters who when I was brushing their hair and putting in pony tails had no reaction at all. I could brush hard enough to make their hair nice and smooth and use those tiny little rubber bands and their little head would snap back and forth and they would have no reaction at all. These are the hard head people. The soft head people on the other hand would react to the slightest combing as if you were killing them. They feel so much pain in their scalp you hate to touch their head. I had one daughter with a soft head and she drove me crazy when I brushed her hair. One day while trying to hurry with her hair I heard her mumbling something. Listening closely.....she was praying that I wouldn't get mad at her. I'm a naturally hard head person and I have to force myself to be tolerant of the softies.
So what can be done about all this? I've been told that you can tape a fifty cent piece to a baby's belly button to make their "outie" smaller and I would just steer clear of corn rows on a soft head person.


justjuls said...

Ah - Kendra is a softie. She used to fuss so much that Travis thought I was killing her - and one day I showed him - turning the comb upside down and running the back of it down her hair and she kicked up a fuss - just proving my point - that she had gotten used to doing so!
I had a mom that went through hairdressing school when I was in elementary school. I had to have a hard head. I was the practice dummy!

jen said...

So true.

Anonymous said...

Well when Linda got pregnant each time, her belly button became an outie haha.
As far as the soft heads, just brush and brush, it will toughen them up for life ;-)


Emily said...

or have daddy do it. My girls swear that my husband brushes hair better than I do. Well, at least he's more gentle...can't do a straight pony to save his life.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I have never analyzed the hard/soft head issue, but realized here that you are absolutely right! I must have had a soft head as my mom finally gave up on my long hair when I as 4 and gave me a short hair cut- she was tired of the drama EVERY time. I think my kids inherited it from me. I just don't brush their hair- just kidding...sorta.

Fifi said...

My Tanzi is a softie!! I must be too cause I hate people playing with my hair!