Thursday, 31 July 2008

Nip and Tuck

Witt's a great dog, but he had a problem. It was his ears. They were gi-normous! He looked like a bat actually. People were whispering "bat dog" around him and the other dogs in the neighborhood were teasing him with the usual - "Hey Dumbo"-" why don't you fly over there and catch that stick".
We made a decision. Witt had a surgery date already to remove any chance that he would ever make any new little Witt's and we talked to the vet about cosmetic surgery while he was knocked out. There was also a discussion of a botched tail when he was a baby that needed looked at. (Witt won't let me show that end of the problem.) So, under the knife he went.
And here are the before and after pictures.
Witt's happier now. Everything in his life isn't perfect - he still deals with being smaller than almost every dog he meets - but he feels good about himself. And we think he's adorable.

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justjuls said...

Aw - I think bat dog was pretty cute too! :)

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwww I like the bat ears, thats what made him different ;-) Now you need to get him glasses and braces haha.


Lane said...

do they do doggie lipo? tootsie and bailey could really use it.

Emily said...

Bat ears or no. He's a cute little dog.
How are you holding up with your little guys? We need a post on that. :)

Shasta said...

Ok, I thought we were crazy getting Guilo acupuncture. Now I've seen it all. I love the before picture..very Hollywood looking with the squinty eyes. The after is adorable too. Now he looks all beefy and tougher.

Kathie said...

He is just cute with or without the bat ears.