Friday, 7 December 2007

Who Needs Perfume when you have Softener?

A number of years ago a friend, Angela, was selling natural products from home, which, as with all those, "you can make money at home" schemes was a total flop and her husband ended up paying more than she ever made, and she told me about a laundry softener that was natural - no dyes - no perfumes. What?!! No perfumes?! I've been known to stand in the laundry detergent isle for 10 minutes huffing each and every bottle to fine just the right scent for my clothes. Why would anyone want a scent free softener? On the other swing of the "green" pendulum is my friend Lizbeth, who doubles the recommended amount to make her clothes smell so so so very good. She's my hero. I'm not quite up to the double mark but have been experimenting with half as much as allowed. All this softener does have some side-effects. Towels aren't really as absorbent as they should be....the water kind of beads right off and right back onto your skin - who needs to be dry when you can smell that good? You can also slip right out of your jeans they're so soft.

My favorites at th
e moment are:

#1 all time best for smel
l appeal Ultra Downey, Cashmere & Silk Fresh or when you want your clothes to be even more special you say it in French, Fraicheur Cachemire et soie.

#2 Ultra Downey Simple Pleasures, Vanilla & Lavender is also excellent but you then have to make the decision to buy the matching detergent or not.

#3 My third runner up is very very smelly but can be a bit over-powering like an old ladies
perfume if you're not careful - Suavitel Ultra, Morning Sun.

And I HATE dryer sheets! What do you use?


jen said...

Lately I have been getting the detergent with the softener in. I hate dryer sheets also. I can't stand in the detergent aisle... my nose is sensitive and it makes me sick. I do love the good smells though and thanks for the recommends. Now I don't have to stand there and sniff. lol

Kathie said...

I just sent Tayva to find the exact softner we use.... My favorite is Ultra Downey April Fresh. I LOVE folding my laundry because I sit and smell all of the good clean laundry! Towels and sheets hold the smells the best.

Emily said...

I'm so lagging behind you in knowledge of Fabric Softeners.

I use dryer sheets.

(hangs head in shame)

Unknown said...

I used to love smelling the tests when the teacher passed them out right after coming off the mimeograph machine.

Mammy said...

I am a skinflint, but I do like good smelling stuff.

For us, maximum good-smellage for minimum buckage = Wal Mart's house brand dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets are great for tying onto door knobs and tucking into pockets in the winter, for people like me who are prone to getting schocked and zapped on everything.

Anonymous said...

Bounce dryer sheets.
And I wear one on my head in the summer to keep away the gnats.
I miss the Angela days :)

jewlsntexas said...

I miss the Angela days too!
Where is that woman now? Does she have a blog?
We use the Downy Febreeze - but I am not sure which one - and I am not walking 5 miles down my hallway to go see!
I love softener - but I agree that you can overdo it. Especially with the towels. I didn't use fabric softener with towels for years - but we use a little now and I like it - we've figured out the perfect amount. The front loading washer also has a way that you can put it in from the start without a ball or anything - woo hoo!
I hate dryer sheets - they end up all over the floor - and they don't do a lot. I did break down and buy fabric softener when Travis went back to work because it is awful without it.
We do use and buy dryer sheets around here and cut them in half and put them in our pockets for mosquitos.
Some fabric softeners make Kullen and I wheeze so we have to be careful!
Okay - more than you wanted to know I am sure!

Shasta said...

Ugh..we use the dryer sheets, but I'm hoping to convince the other units of the house to switch. The dryer sheets are a falling hazard and a new shred to pieces toy for our puppies!! I personally like the Ultra Downey Simple Pleasures, Vanilla & Lavendar but need to find one that is less girly for my masculine husband. HEHE!!

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