Saturday, 8 December 2007

Waiting for a Call

At a Christmas party today at Children's Hospital, the transplant co-coordinator told us that Grace was third backup for a kidney that came available two days ago. Apparently they consider the top 4 on the list when a kidney comes in case there's a reason the first few don't want it. That really hit home that it could happen at any time - we would get the call and would have to go immediately to the hospital. As wonderful as that call would be, it also means that someone has just died. Our happiness made possible by some families tragedy.

Getting the call would also mean that Grace and I would be out of the house for about a week or so which leaves brave husband James home with the rest of the six kids. That should be interesting. The last time I left him home with six kids for a week, they told me when I got back that he kept making them go outside. He claims that it's good for kids to be outside but in my experience basically it's only good for the Dad. I let them in when they press their faces against the windows and look sad.

We do have to come
up with some meals that I can freeze ahead of time. James suggested that I make two of everything for awhile and put one in the freezer. Okay, I'm feeling good making one dinner every night....I'm not seeing this doubling thing working. I suggested frozen pizza and oodles of noodles and cereal for dinner.

It will be n
ice not to have to do dialysis every night. Each month they deliver a gazillion boxes of stuff we use to do the dialysis and Grace can only get to her clothes about half way through the month when some of the boxes get used up. She's looking forward to sleep overs and baths again when she's done with dialysis.
Maybe soon.


Perri said...

WOW - the visual of the stacks of boxes -- I had no idea it was so involved.

jewlsntexas said...

The visual is pretty powerful.
Hoping this call comes for Grace.

Emily said...

ALL of those boxes are for her?


and ya know, there's nothing wrong with kicking your kids outside to play. :) whatever works for him.

Anonymous said...

That is very exciting. Hope to hear soon that she is the proud owner of a new functioning kidney!

Frozen pizza, oodles of noodles, cereal are good. Stock up on some bagged salad for the effect of some healthy type food and they will be all set.

Lane said...

sooooo exciting!!!!! my prayers are with you and with the family of the you

Dwayne D said...

The picture really makes you appreciate what Grace and the rest of you go through. Praying that hopefully we'll all look back and say "remember when..." soon :D

ConservaChick said...

Oh, that is wonderful! I had to laugh about your husband comment. Mine kicks my 4 outside everytime I'm gone too! The boys love it... my girls don't think it's too great. ~K