Friday, 21 December 2007

I'm Thinking Coal all Around

This year I ordered about one third of my Christmas gift giving on line and my husband did all most all of his. The best has to be Amazon where I can sit at my computer and order in the morning and my package is delivered the next afternoon! It's almost scary, like you just think about something and it shows up on your doorstep. It certainly beats loading everyone up in the car (do you ever get out alone?) and parking (my van fits in basically no parking spots and we park far away from the door and hike to the store - I figure that I walk off about 14 cheese curls every time I park) and then trying to find exactly what you need. Even the most obscure gift is available via the internet.
But sometimes you just have to get out there and touch things and last night my husband and I went out to finish up Christmas shopping. We provided the kids with pizza - the "aren't you feeling so good with your tummy full of cheese and pepperoni drug" and admonished them that they all had to get along.
No fighting.
You know where I'm going with this.
At our house it's always the boys versus the girls. Age and personality has no bearing on their battle lines, it's always the battle of the sexes.
We shopped for an hour or so when the calls started coming in. The "he said/she saids". They call my phone and not my husbands - safer for their lives. I beg for them each to be peace makers but I can tell it's not going well. I pretend we're childless for awhile but the phone keeps ringing. Now I'm dreaming up horrible punishments to inflict upon our return while enjoying my salad at Olive Garden. We linger shopping till we're sure they've put the little ones in bed and head home, making our plan of attack.
James leads the family meeting and imparts the guilt to the offending parties - everyone says their apologies, forgives each other and it's over.
There is so much less drama at


Dwayne D said...

Gotta love Amazon. I've actually ordered in the afternoon and had it here late the following morning. And that was with 2 day shipping. I guess overnight gets it here before you even place the order!

jewlsntexas said...

I don't love Amazon right now - I'm trying to find a WOW hits 2008 DVD - but nobody has it!! Not even them. Usually Me & Amazon = best friends!

I can remember a day like this at Sylvia and Bob's house but it was always me and Greg against Shawna cause she was mean to us. Somebody threw a piece of cheese, and knowing we would all be in HUGE trouble if we didn't find it - we all joined forces and searched for hours. We never found it - but it took Aunt Syb all of 5 seconds to spot it when she got home!!!

But hey - they got to be out in peace and quiet - no cell phones!!

Perri said...

I've just started letting mine stay alone for a bit if I'm out locally and that phone will drive me crazy with the "he said - she said - can we - did you say NOT to" calls.

Yesterday I was gone for hours and not one call because I let them watch cartoons while I was gone - something that just doesn't happen.

In fact, when I called home twice, there was a hint of disgust in Jacob's voice as he said, "Sheeesh, Mom, and you say we call you all the time."

Lane said...

that kind of fighting crap never happened when i still lived at home..... heheheh

Emily said...

okay, you gotta email me the info on the 'quilt' thing. Does he hand a quilt to someone who was offended and they feel cozy? I need answers.

and Amazon is truly amazing. I'm not the only one who gets her package in one day, then? It's freaky.

and it's all boy/girl here too. Only my son is twice as big as his sisters and could inflict terrible damage if it ever got physical. Thankfully he's more self controled with his body, than his tongue.

(little sisters annoy him greatly when they....oh, exist? haha)

Kathie said...

Gotta love Amazon, I did a lot of purchasing through them this year, I have boxes stacked on boxes with Amazon smiles in my room...

I won't even get in the boy vs girl thing that happens at my house, but from the sounds of it you understand all too well.

Anonymous said...

Last time I was out CHristmas shopping my cell phone rang continuously - Richard was home - but asleep so they felt the need to call me with the he said she said stuff all evening.
I too love Amazon!

jen said...

Yep, it's for me too!
I hate shopping. Seems I can't go anywhere without a full cart and a lot of stress..

Mammy said...

Ha ha ha....this post tickled me. Maybe I should try the hiking diet, walking off that many cheese curls sounds like a good plan to me. :)