Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Things You Shouldn't Have to Say

   Every now and then when I'm around a group of my boys I smell bad things. Mostly body odor. I usually say something encouraging like, "Oh my gosh!  You stink! Really?" This is not a matter of shame for my sons. They take some pride in finally being old enough to be offensive.  When I question them about the length of time since their last shower and they have to think about it...well, that's too long. Recently I asked one of the boys if he had deodorant and he said that there was one in the bathroom cabinet that he thought he had used. He thought. Upon questioning the other boys I realized that they considered deodorant something that could be shared. That's so beyond disgusting. Now everyone has their own, in their own color and with their name on it. I'm hopeful.

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