Monday, 16 March 2015

My Views on Healthy Eating

  James was talking to me about an article he read concerning "hidden sugar" in our food.  He said, "You know that there is as much sugar in flavored Greek yogurt as there is in a soda."  Now why he thinks I would be alarmed at that, I don't know. I buy chocolate chip frozen waffles and cereal with sugar and marshmallows.  (My grand-kids love to eat at my house because they have good moms that feed them healthy food.)  
  These healthy looking foods loaded with sugar are good for appearance sake.  I can eat one of these sugared up yogurts and nobody says anything. They might think that I'm heading out to yoga class after polishing one off. It's the whole image.

Now the Little Debbie Nutty Bar (umm umm good) I eat when nobody is around. I'll quietly rip off the paper and sneak  into the laundry room. If I put the uneaten half on top of the dryer, behind the detergent bottle, nobody can see it. To the family I'm just working hard at doing their wash. 

Pick your poison - they'll both make you die some kind of sugar death.  
Happy sugar death.

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