Saturday, 9 July 2011

No One's Sleeping Tonight

  My daughter lives right (I mean our yards touch and there's a path worn between) next door.  Her five kids and my kids, who are the same ages and best friends (yes that would be their aunts and uncles) want to have sleepovers every single night.  Kirsten and I have valiantly tried to put some sanity into the requests with "one a week" or "not if you act crabby" rules, but it all seems to get out of control.  And because they're soon moving to Florida it gets harder and harder to say no.  Kirsten's kids most often want to sleep here as she feeds them healthy (boring/disgusting) cereal and I buy cereal according to their color.  Fruity Pebbles pleases everyone and Lucky Charms is off the charts pretty.  
  And of course, no one sleeps until the next day when they quietly slip away for a short nap.  
I'm going to miss all this.

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