Friday, 22 July 2011

Babies Again!

  This year is a grandmother's jackpot.  I have three daughters who are each having a daughter.  Pink is the go to color around here.  A few days ago we had a baby shower for Molly and cuteness was everywhere.  So if you have enough sons for a basketball team - what do you get with so many girls? (Besides the joy!)


Anonymous said...

A girls basketball team that can beat the boys.

Vickie said...

How fun! The summer of 2003 brought me 3 granddaughters as well PLUS we adopted a newborn that same summer. It was loads of fun to be a new mom with my daughter and 2 daughters-in-law. Now, they are all 8 (well, one more to turn 8 in August). I also have 3 6-year-old granddaughters born to the same daughter and daughters-in-law.

Enjoy!!! Lots and lots of tea-parties. Can you imagine one big tea-party birthday bash in the future? Big hats and fancy dresses :)