Friday, 29 July 2011

Don't Tell the Kids

Between my kids and the grandkids, our pool is not a safe place to swim.  Any adult foolish enough to enter the water is jumped on, splashed, hung on and generally harassed.  Which is why I spend most days sitting in a chair poolside, reading a book and pretending I'm watching every "look Mom".
  But there's a time, very early in the morning - 6:30 - that Kirsten and I have it all to ourselves.  We walk a mile and then toss the shoes and slip into the beautiful, peaceful, un-kid-inhabited pool.  The sun is just peaking through he trees and we swim our laps and talk and it's the best part of my day.


Anonymous said...

Doing that with you guys was one of my favorite mornings. Wish you were a little closer.

Julie said...

oh Kate.... that sounds like heaven!!! :D