Monday, 25 July 2011

The Edge of the Nest

  My two babies are stepping out....into adulthood.  Grace and AnnaClaire are now grown up and the next part of their life is just ahead around the corner.  Anna is headed to college and Grace into the working world.  
I've run out of time.  
They know what we believe and this is when we watch them take everything we've taught and modeled and make it their own.  
It's exciting and it surprises me that we're here.  Didn't we just see Grace for the first time in that crib at Children's Hospital?  Wasn't it just yesterday that Anna walked through our door a scared little girl?  
  These two daughters have brought me so much joy - they are part of my everything.  I'm releasing them with just a little reluctance.
  And they've nailed the look for their 80's party haven't they?!


jblieu said...

Time went way too fast.

Perri said...

It's been a joy to watch them grow up the last few years.

AnnaCl said...

Awll I love you Momma<3

KarenW said...

Kids always grow up too fast. What a cute picture!