Wednesday, 23 June 2010

"Mom. Watch"

Sometimes our pool gets so full of people it's hard to get wet when you get in. It's often just a few families, but they all seem to have lots of kids....imagine that.

Yesterday was no exception. Wall to wall kids.

And what is the worse creature in any pool???

Little boys. They can't just swim - no - they jump and splash and dunk and tip unsuspecting people out of their tubes and they shout loudly while doing all the a fore mentioned activities.

Girls float and pretend to be mermaids and dolphins.

We did have a brief interlude to all the mayhem yesterday. One of the older boys decided to show off his dives. Every little competitive boy in the pool promptly lined up behind him and for over a half hour they took their turn jumping off the board. This left the pool fairly empty and all we had to do was glance an admiring look their way every few minutes or so.

"Cannon Ball"

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Fifi said...

Hehe ..... I here you ... boys don't come with a volume control button ... do they!!!